HOPI brands

HOPI Holding

HOPI Holding is a head of companies. It provides its subsidiaries with economics stability, IT & marketing support as well as strategy and vision. HOPI Holding is totally different company than pure HOPI logistics subsidiaries and it has a totally different brand style.

HOPI logistics

First, there was HOPI Czech republic. Now there is also HOPI Slovakia, HOPI Hungary, HOPI Romania and HOPI Poland. Those are sister companies and all of them provide their clients with fine logistics solutions and friendly approach. HOPI logistics companies (as well as some others firms) are held by HOPI Holding. Same as above, HOPI logistics companies have different brand style than its mother.


Our young and bold fish business. Its identity follows same principles as the rest of Holding companies, but still counts as standalone company. Thus coming with its own identity.