Language and Copy

Copy Tone

How do you write for HOPI Logistics? Our brand voice is bold, friendly, and refreshing. Instead of thinking like a corporation, think like a person. Everything we write is written by a person, for a person. It’s good when it feels that way.

At the same time, we keep things respectable.

If HOPI were a person, we’d be a knowledgeable, friendly one. When talking about logistics, we’re the experts. So though we like to keep things casual, we speak with the authority of thought leadership.

Writing Tips and Tricks

Be casual, but not too casual.
Do we use words like “awesome”? Absolutely. Do we like exclamation marks and short, personal emails? Yes. But do we refer to our customers as “Bro” or drop an LOL at the end of a sentence? No. We’re a pretty chill organization, but a smart, professional one.

Be accurate.
Being casual doesn’t mean we’re careless. We proofread everything. Check stats. Then check them again. We’re a recognized authority on logistics, so especially when talking about our company and industry, triple check everything.

Be friendly.
We generally treat everyone like friends. Anytime you write something, think: “How would I phrase this if this were going to my best friend?” We love it when communications feel personal and real (while still being clear that we’re a reputable organization).

Be clear.
Transparency is a big part of our brand. Of course, it refers to our reporting and our promise to prove every project we build. But it’s bigger than that, too. Always make your language simple and easy to understand. Never send people somewhere else for information when you can just give it to them. Don’t complicate things unnecessarily. Just be as clear as possible.

Be brief.
People are busy. Respect their time. Say what you need to say, then stop writing.

Use will, not could.
When talking about HOPI, and the results that can be achieved, be positive and back it up with examples. Never be vague and say what could happen, show them what will happen. Talk about all the amazing things HOPI will help them achieve.