Social Media

Graphics templates

There is a flood of visual content online. To make our posts stand out and recognizable, we use the template below for all of our corporate images. Just pick your DOCO slide, insert your related image and export as a jpg. This is compulsory for posts posted in the name of HOPI page.

Social Tone

While we still keep things pretty professional, we think of social media as a place where we can demonstrate personality, have fun, and show people what is HOPI about.

LinkedIn cover pictures

Optionally, you can put HOPI themed cover picture to your personal LinkedIn profile based on your role in the company. This drives profesionalism specially if you represent our company online. Just download the picture to your computer, open your LinkedIn personal profile, click the pen icon to edit and then upload the saved cover picture.

HOPI Holding
HOPI Logistics
Sales department
HR department

LinkedIn suggestions

Use a keywords in your professional headline (or Motto). We use „HOPI CEE logistics“, „Complex logistics services“, „Family company“, „28 years in motion“, etc. Separated by emojis or vertical slash (Example: Sales Manager | HOPI Czech | LOGISTIC CEE region | Family owned)

About section
Fill your „About“ section. This should be highlights of your work in HOPI and your expertise. If you don’t have this section in your profile yet, you must click on the button „Add new section“ and then hit „About“. Don’t forget to put keywords here as well

People on social medias want to take something, so give it to them. Never do more than a 20% of posts related to advertisements and straight forward business.

Be honest.
Whenever talking to people out there, be decent and respectful. Things are not always bright so when dealing with a crisis, be fast and straightforward.

We use our hashtag pretty regularly. There is unique one for every country, #hopilogisticsCZ, #hopilogisticsSK, #hopilogisticsHU, #hopilogisticsPL, #hopilogisticsRO. You got it, right?